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A little girl remembers being told when she was born that she would become as tall as her father, a giant man. By showing her the world from up high, her father trains her to become a big girl. Much more than a simple size difference, the film tells the story of a father-daughter relationship that is out of the ordinary.


Une fillette se rappelle s’être fait dire à la naissance qu’elle atteindra la même taille que son père, un homme en format géant. En lui montrant le monde vu de haut, son père l'entraînera à devenir grande. Bien plus qu’une simple question de différence de taille, le film raconte une relation père-fille hors de l’ordinaire.

Grand Format

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"Oversized is a nice story about fate and how you can’t predict fate. In the film a young girl prepares to be tall like her dad but it doesn’t turn out like she plans. Moral: You cannot predict fate but maybe that’s okay. The animation in this film is really good and the idea is really unique and different."

- Eli Graff  (11 years old, Montclair, NJ)


"Oversized is a movie about a little girl who wants to be as tall as her father but she turns out to be short. It had good animation, and was a pretty good story. I think kids four to seven years old would like this a lot."

- Will Graff (8 years old, Montclair, NJ)



- Martha's Vineyard Film Festival Children's Programs, 4th Annual Cinema Circus, Chilmark, Massachusetts

- 14th Annual BAMKids International Film Festival, Brooklyn, NY

- 28th Annual Chicago International Children's Film Festival, Chicago, IL      

- Festival FANTASIA 2011, Montréal

- Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film 2011, Stuttgart (Allemagne)

- Festival International de Cinéma Jeunesse de Rimouski, Rimouski

- MHSoC Film Festival, Cinéma EXcentris, Montréal  

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